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Hacking legacy software has never been easier.

That’s a modern truth, not a tagline from a cyberpunk novel. It’s the world we navigate — a world where legacy systems are the fertile ground for security breaches, a silent crisis unfolding beneath the buzz of digital transformation.

This is the challenge p0 is here to tackle.

In the labyrinth of legacy code and the fast-paced evolution of technology, APIs are born, they serve, and — unfortunately — they're often forgotten. But forgotten doesn’t mean gone. It means lurking. It means 💀 Zombie APIs: doors left open, waiting for uninvited guests to come and take anything and everything that they can access.

APIs based attacks are for real. We're not kidding.

Here are some recent examples:

37 million T-Mobile accounts breached. $350 million lost.

Coverage of the attack has been swift, far-reaching, & harsh, as this represents T-Mobile’s 8th breach since… Expand ->

JustDial's 100 million crucial users data hacked

In 2019, JustDial was hacked and a security researcher found an unprotected API endpoint that exposed… Expand ->

6 million Instagram accounts impacted

Due to a bug in the Instagram developer API, it was possible to scrape phone number and email data relat… Expand ->

Fuzzing techniques, probing for weaknesses with existing tools can only graze the surface. But much like using a flashlight to search for shadows, it's an exercise in futility. You're left with blind spots. And in those blind spots, risks accumulate—risks of misuse, unpatched vulnerabilities, compliance violations, and the stealthy exfiltration of data.

For too long, the approach to these dormant digital entities has been reactive. Patchwork solutions after breaches, scrambling after the fact. The industry knows this isn’t enough, but the problem seemed too woven into the fabric of IT progress to unravel — until now.

We’re taking a step back to move forward. At p0, we are crafting a tool that isn’t about just monitoring the present; it’s about bringing the hidden & all APIs to light and securing your business to keep it future-hack proof. We catalog every API, ensuring nothing remains hidden or unaccounted for. Because you can only secure what you can see.

Our first offering at p0 is a testament to our commitment: a comprehensive API visibility tool that's as much about security as it is about sovereignty.

p0 is a control panel for the modern CISO, a blueprint for the vigilant CTO, and an assurance for the privacy-conscious CEO for their customers and business.

Join us as we embark on a journey to redefine the landscape of API security, to turn the industry towards a future where the forgotten is found and the hidden is highlighted.

We're here to lead the way.

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Kunal Aggarwal