Discover all of your API backdoors.

Every single one.

Not so fun fact: The number of Zombie APIs lurking increases exponentially as your software ages.

Number of Zombie APIs





3 yrs

7 yrs

10 yrs

13 yrs+


Active APIs

Zombie APIs

Case study


Dominos Pizza's

word for it.

Read how Dominos Pizza India used p0 to detect Zombie APIs that were lurking in their codebase for 13 years and were exposing serious PII data which if found by any hacker, could have been devastating for Dominos.

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Why care about
Zombie APIs?

Zombie APIs are more
common than you think

Every unmonitored API is a backdoor left ajar, inviting security breaches and data leaks. In the fast-paced tech landscape, these forgotten digital remnants lurk unnoticed, making your systems vulnerable to attacks. It's time to bring these hidden risks into the light.

Strengthen your
company's security posture

Traditional API monitoring tools only focus on what you know exists. But what about forgotten APIs lurking in your codebase? p0 automatically scans your code repositories to identify dormant APIs you might not even know exist, potentially exposing your system to critical vulnerabilities.

Meet data protection regulations with confidence

Zombie APIs can be ticking time bombs, especially when they handle sensitive data. A data breach caused by a zombie API can lead to hefty fines and reputational damage. p0 helps you stay on the right side of data protection regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS by ensuring all your APIs are identified, monitored, and secured.

Cleaning up your codebase
for Improved efficiency

Zombie APIs are like dead weight in your codebase, cluttering your system and wasting valuable resources. They can slow down development processes and make it harder to maintain your code. p0 helps you streamline your API ecosystem by identifying and removing unused zombie APIs.

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