Discover all of your API backdoors.

Every single one.

A hidden killer: Zombie APIs* scale non-linearly as your codebase ages.

Number of Zombie APIs





3 yrs

7 yrs

10 yrs

13 yrs+


Active APIs

Zombie APIs

*How do you define a Zombie API?

it's externally accessible

it hasn't seen recent network traffic

isn't under active development or maintenance

might be linked to critical PII (username, email, phone, etc.) — is classified as a Zombie API.

Case study



word for it.

Read how Domino's Pizza used p0 to detect exploitable Zombie APIs (some over 9 years old!) in their codebase.

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care about

your Zombie API attack surface?


Discover 100% of your API attack surface

You can't protect
what you don't know.

Enterprises fail to deprecate or to include Zombie APIs in penetration testing or as part of an overall API security suite. These unknown unknowns are ticking time bombs in your codebase.


control sensitive user data

Block PII leaks and exploits.

10-20% of Zombie APIs are often linked to PII and given their lack of security testing and maintenance pose a serious exploit potential for mission critical PII data.


Mitigate Compliance Risk

Stay ahead of regulations.

Maintain stringent compliance and avert regulatory penalties with p0. Our system is your sentinel against the compliance risks of forgotten APIs, ensuring that every part of your API ecosystem is in line with the latest data protection regulations.


Boost Code Health

Control API sprawl and
streamline your codebase.

Elevate your operational efficiency with p0. Our solution polishes your codebase, rooting out and retiring zombie APIs to enhance system performance, reduce maintenance overhead, and accelerate deployment cycles for peak efficiency.

White paper

Zombie APIs: A threat to legacy software

Uncover the hidden dangers in your code with p0's insights. This whitepaper unveils how dormant APIs, unnoticed for over a decade, can imperil your data security and how vigilance with p0 safeguards your systems.

Published May 2024


every backdoor.


Unlike agent-led network traffic scans which miss what's lurking beneath, p0 dives into the codebase and log files, ensuring every API is accounted for and audited.

Further, p0 explores your existing logs, your version control history as well as your API accessibility to give you noiseless and actionable results.

We compute everything on-prem. This means your code never leaves your premises.

100% on-prem installation

p0 ensures complete privacy with 100% on-premise data processing, adhering to the strictest security and compliance standards, and mitigating risks associated with data breaches.

On-premise LLM processing

Our on-prem LLMs handle all computations locally, securing your data and boosting operational efficiency without compromising security.

Integration & protection locally

p0 integrates with your logs and data sources locally, ensuring sensitive information remains secure within your infrastructure and protected from external threats.

Multiple internal tools? No problem.
We integrate with tools across the board.

Version control systems we support:

Log-providers we support:








Custom logging

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